Monday, June 04, 2012

[Article] SS501 Affirms Friendship at Kyu Jong's Farewell Fan Meeting

Much thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for translating this article about the fan meeting of Kyu Jong yesterday.  I wish to read and watch more from the fan meeting.  I wish that there will be fan accounts to share as well as more videos.


[News] SS501 “Kim KyuJong, Will return safely from Military Service"

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Kim KyuJong enlistment to army, farewell fan meeting

All members reunited after 2 years

Group SS501 affirms their friendship as they gathered together in one place.

They gathered together prior to member Kim KyuJong’s enlistment, at his fan meeting on 3-June held at Main Auditorium in YeonSei University, Seoul. After their contracts with the previous agency ended in 2010, members started their own solo activities and has been 2 years since they gathered together in one place.

Kim KyuJong told SportsHankook right before the fan meeting, “I am very grateful to the members to gather together here despite their busy schedules. Even though we are always contacting each other usually, but I have a special feeling personally for this reunion.”

Kim HyunJoong finished his schedule in Japan (note: should be in China, not Japan) on this day and went straight to the fan meeting venue. Heo YoungSaeng, who is in the midst of his solo promotion activities, also finished SBS ‘Inki Gayo’ and quickly joined them, displaying their strong friendship. Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun changed their original schedules to attend this on that day.

Themed as ‘Thank U ThanKYU with TripleS’, Kim KyuJong unveiled for the very first time, his self-written song which is dedicated to the fans. “Even though the title of the song has not been decided yet, this is my first song which is made while thinking of fans, I hope you can listen to it nicely.” He explained. Besides this, he performed his solo songs, including ‘Wuss up’, in front of the 2,000 fans.

Kim KyuJong debuted as SS501 in 2005. He released his first solo album ‘Turn Me On’ in September last year, and started his solo activities. He also performed in musical ‘Goong’, and had a breakthrough in his image with TV Chosun ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ recently. He will be enlisted in mid of next month, and start his service as a public service officer.


daydeq said...

i love MY SS501..SS501 MANSAE.....

Anonymous said...

This reunion made me smile and tear up at the same time. It filled the void of the last 2 years. I follow Leizle (thank u Leizle!) to get my fix on the individual careers of all 5, and love each one, but when they are together it's magical.
Kyu Jong, sweetest nicest guy in world, it took you to bring SS501 together. I will miss you, miss reading news about you, your tweets, and watching your videos. Take care.