Monday, June 04, 2012

[Pix & Vid] Hyun Joong from Incheon to Yonsei 06.03.12

The effort made by SS501 members to be  to part of Kyu Jong's fan meeting is something that will tell us how important yesterday's event was.

Hyun Joong who came from two consecutive fan meeting in China, from Incheon Airport went straight to Yonsei University.   Jung Min and Hyung Jun who have tweaked their sked were also present.  Young Saeng after his Inkigayo performance rushed to the venue as well.

ThanKYU with Triple S has already started when Hyun Joong arrived at Incheon.  As always, fans welcomed him.  When he arrived, no one still knows if he is attending the fan meeting or not until, fans saw his security at the venue.

From Incheon, here are photos of Hyun Joong lifted from the post of 00lanse in Baidu that originally came from

At Yonsei University where ThanKYU Triple S is ongoing, Hyun Joong arrived and was seating at the back.  Here is a video which I am shoving here rom of Hyun Joong's going up the stage to make his greetings to Triple S and to Kyu Jong.

When he greeted everyone at the venue he said "I am SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong". Likewise, he reassured fans that ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!”.

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daydeq said...
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daydeq said...

leader so cool..

Anonymous said...

he is still so handsome though i believe he was very tired

Anonymous said...

I keep reading on YouTube that HJ never said, ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!” during the fan meet. I don't know which is true but I don't think he said it. I guess only the people who were there would know for sure.