Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Look Who is HEATing Up Japan in July

His royal hotness, who will be celebrating his birthday in few hours, is HEATing up Japan in July.

Today, news and jacket photos of Hyun Joong new second single album 'HEAT' in Japan decorated my timeline. 

According to the news released by KeyEast 'HEAT' will be released in July 4 and will consist of two track, 'Heat' which is said to have addictive lyrics and 'Let's Party'.

In an earlier report, B'z (ビーズ Bīzu)  Japanese hard rock duo, composed of Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto and Koshi Inaba collaborated with Hyun Joong in the song 'Heat'.  From the news today, the carrier track was composed and produced the B'z. 

Ten (10) days after the release of the new single album, Hyun Joong will have live performances at Saitama Super Arena on the 14th of July with Naoto Inti Raymi who is  a Japanese R&B and pop singer-songwriter.

On the 15th of July, Hyun Joong will stage a free concert  entitled 'Kim Hyun Joong Heat 2012'  at Saitama Super Arena for 32,000 fans who purchased the limited and normal package of Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese Single ‘HEAT’.  These 32,000 fans will be selected through lottery and will be invited to attend the live concert for free.

Following are the photos that heated up the Tuesday of many.


Anonymous said...

Wow hot HEAT.
But see the schedule.
No time for resting.
Wish Hyun Joong all the best with new album.

Anonymous said...

HJ flies higher and higher.
He deserves the success with hard work, right strategy, good PR, warm heard.

Anonymous said...

Definitely wishing KHJ all the best, career-wise and in his personal life too^^ He always makes his fans proud of his unassuming ways and humility, never doing some outrageous/embarrassing stunts in order to promote himself....or his albums~ Sorry! Just read something about a celeb's extreme self-promotion of his album that made me very grateful of our KHJ's sincere and modest nature~ Happy Birthday KHJ love! May your sincere efforts, humility and compassion be rewarded with God's Blessings always!

Anonymous said...

*** H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ***

Be Happy and Healthy! We love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

leader, happy birthday to you.
thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

lol i think i know the celeb u'r refering 2....anyway goodluck and happy birthday 2 khj stay healthy:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our prince Hyunjoong! Totally agree to anno 11:58. His genuine, true and sincere heart will be rewarded by God, I'm sure. Forever God bless you, dearest!!!

Anonymous said...

i feel the HEAT just simply looking at hj's sexy body on the pic haha !)
happy birthday to our uzoosin :)
all the best !!
thanks liezle for the info & sharing ^^

Anonymous said...

Can't believe my baby is 26 today. Hope he's having a wonderful time.

HaPpY bIrThDaY, hYuNjOoNg!!!