Tuesday, June 05, 2012

[Vid & Pix] Young Saeng at YTN Star Live Power Music 06.01.12

On the 1st of June at Ansan, Young Saeng performed for cable channel YTN Star's Live Power Music. Two big fan clubs of Young Saeng, , Madeleine and Amorino, shared their videos and photos in their websites. 

Here is a video from Madeleine and a set of photos from Amorino which were sent to my by veggiedelight and Sudal  in my email respectively.

Please DO NOT edit and upload video of Madeleine in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

Courtesy of
허영생 팬 사이트 :: 마들렌
HYS Fansite Madeleine

Following are photos from Amorino (http://amorino1103.ivyro.net/),  please DO NOT edit.

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