Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Hyun Joong Opened His Own Weibo Account

 Our birthday boy is on the roll in Weibo!

Last week in China when Hyun Joong had his fan meeting in Chengdu and Guangzhou he announced to fans to watch out Weibo for there will be a surprise. True to his promise there is one on the same date of his birthday. He opened a Weibo account [] this morning with a video message as his first post.

Here is Hyun Joong's message from the YouTube channel of with English sub-titles. Much thanks!

Video Courtesy + (Eng trans)

On top  of the video message, Hyun Joong also left two other messages with the latest posted at around 5:45PM.  Here are the messages with English translation from @501wangja and @xiaochu1004 shared in Twitter.
Trans courtesy of @501wangja
[HJL] weibo: 중국 팬 여러분 우리 아트 이쁘죠? (trans: China fans, is our Art pretty?)

Trans courtesy of @xiaochu1004
[HyunJoong weibo trans] 휴식시간 게임중^^ Playing game during rest time^^

I wonder how often he will be posting here. I hope he too will have a Twitter account.

Anyway, I heard that signing up in Weibo is a bit complicated but for those who may want to try it you may check this link HERE. Let us know if you're successful, k?

Btw, Hyun Joong's Facebook account is also being update.  You may click HERE to check.


Anonymous said...

makes me wonder why he chose to start a weibo account (when he doesn't even have me2day or twitter). is it like what some others say, china's market is more lucrative hence he will do anything for china? that sucks :(

Anonymous said...

Cute and nice.
Yea, HJ is much prettier than Art.

Anonymous said...

One has to remember the rest of the world has his Facebook and YouTube updates. China is blocked from twitter, YouTube and facebook. Weibo is open to the rest of the world and as far as I'm aware, the weibo updates are also being uploaded to Facebook .

Anonymous said...

chinese fans cannot use facebook or youtube. that's why he opened weibo account. 'lucrative' and 'sucks'? how can you use those words to your idol? and none of those account was managed by HJL. those are all official. if he wants more money, he may focus japanese market instead of chinese. he can gain over 30,000 people in one place, and it can make more than $3,500,000 usd at once just for ticket sales. don't forget he has youtbe ans facebook acoount, too. do not treat him like money chaser.<3

Anonymous said...

you must be korean, right?
cause me2day is korean contents and most of me2day users are korean.NO hallyu star use it. i wonder why you gals doing this. you haters want to ruin HJL's great image but you'll see you're fail. cuase HJL is REAL. HJL doesn't work for the money but for his goal. stop this stupid backbiting.

Anonymous said...

@8:26 PM

China considering as 2nd market in Asia,no.1 is Japan.
He open it for chinese fan because China's gov block twitter aand youtube.btw just like anony 10:23 PM said..he already got Youtube and facebook for international fans.
I know where are you from.
Still doing same old shit.
Its getting old darling.

Anonymous said...

Poor Hyun Joong, some fans like 401 bakja can't see any success of him and his love to fans.

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time I saw your comment with same voca like 'lucrative'. You can say you are fan of Hyunjoong?? You are too severe idiot who don't know anything about HJL&CHINA and very RUDE to them!!!! Don't come here.

Anonymous said...

china is a lucrative market, BIG DEAL? why can't you all just admit it?

and it's not the first day china blocked twitter etc. if he really wanted to reach out to the china fans, why wait until now? or maybe its because he wanted to test water first, and this china trip really proved to be lucrative. yes you heard right, LUCRATIVE.

Anonymous said...

Poor people. Some people are only filled with jealousy and not support their loving members. Just filled with greedy jealous for HJ's success.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
The more antifans HJ has, the more he works harder to improve his skills.
HJ and his fans, figthing.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, i think Jungmin is the most money chaser member of the SS501. His reason of lawsuit against CNR is money and now he only work for japan activies which make money.

Anonymous said...

its okay guys,

These hater posts just proved that we need to be stronger and standing more for Hyun Joong.
The more high he fly,the more jealousy haters coming in the way.

Don't be upset by what they are saying,don't let them hurt ur feeling.

Turn all anger into useful energy.

Anonymous said...

1:54 PM

don't fill yourself with anger and jealousy.
HJL didn't take anything from your bias.
his sucess is just from his talent and effort.
then why are you doing this always?

you're so poor.
and i feel sympathy because of you.
how much you asperse HJL, it doesn't help your bias at all.
you should know it.

everybody knows about HJL's free concerts, charity activities and plenty of donation.
then who can agree with you?
poor people.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH so Jungmin is the money chaser now? Talking about that, he cooked up an excuse not to go up stage me thinks, with a stupid plaster across his neck and told the world he wasn't feeling well. WHAT THE HELL! I don't think it was because of his contract or that he wasn't feeling well, more like for some reason or whatsoever. Then again he was only paid so little obviously had to sue.

You people are stupid. Talk about being nice and united but when someone talks about things you don't like to hear you'll just go attacking like bees. Hypocrisy at its best!

Anonymous said...

This is from KeyEast official notice when Weibo is open.

"김현중씨의 공식 페이스북에 접속이 어려운 중국 팬 여러분들을 위해 중국판 트위터인 웨이보가 금일 오전 10시 김현중씨의 생일을 기념하여 오픈하였습니다." As it says, it opened for Chinese who cannot access official Facebook for HJ's updates and news... As a lot of you already mentioned here.

liezle said...

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liezle said...
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