Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Trans] S/Tweet Treats from KJ, YS & JM

I went to sleep reading sweet tweets from Kyu Jong and Young Saeng then woke up reading another set of sweet tweets not only from Kyu Jong but Jung Min as well.  I am so happy to see Jung Min's tweet. I hope he does it more.

Here are s/tweet translation that I lifted from the tweets of xiaochu1004.  Much thanks!


S/Tweet Treats 06.15 to 16.12
Korean to English translation by@xiaochu1004

Re-post with full credit please.

2kjdream ^^ what is everyone doinggg!! I finished my filming well and reached home safely~ tomorrow is weekend!! Everyone have a sweet dream and have a nice weekend~~ thanks for always giving me strength hee

2kjdream I'm really going to sleep!!! Good night pretties too~~^^ I hope that pretties will be filled with happiness~~!!!! I'm going to sleep~~

mystyle1103 HyeJin-ah.. Go to a good place.. Don't live a hard time in heaven!!
[According to @Honeyee's tweet she is the rooking actress who died on the 14th of June.  You may read the news HERE. and HERE.]

JungMin0403  announcing I'm alive~^^ though I'm late, the day which I'm sincerely grateful to has passed! Already a veteran now TT TT thank u always! And during the difficult days, went to this cafe by chance and had this on the top of the tea I ordered..!^^ energy surged out!^^ thank u!
[from peeps tweets, it looks like  the note written on the lid of the cup is from a fan.  sweet, yah? i am certain Jung Min was so moved by the sincerity]

 Written on the lid: 'I will always support you.'

2kjdream isn't the cup cover so pretty?!!!! Heeheehee

2kjdream good morning~~!! Bugibugi and goldfish friends, snails seems like making noise for food as it's weekend hehe doing spring cleaning and feeding them hee have a nice day pretties♥^^

2kjdream cutie kid TT!! Really cute!!! Thanks to u I ended my Saturday with a smile~~~^^

2kjdream really!! We have a star?!.. SS501 star?!! TT TT woahhhh thank youuuu


Anonymous said...

could someone tell me what's the meaning of the written words on the lid? i'm curious... :(

liezle said...

Hi 3:26. Sorry forgot to include the trans.

Written on the lid is 'I will support you.'


Anonymous said...

sooo happy because of our sweet boys

Anonymous said...

Yay! He's back & Im so late lol.;-)

etet said...

Ahhhhh...... JM!!!!

So nice of that fan to remind him that "We do support you!!!!

So little word about him so this "tweet" was like a sudden cool breeze.... It came and then it left.... But it will be back!!!! Fightin!!!!

Ling said...

Thankyu 4 the fan who cheer Jung Min up. As he is going a stage which is difficult 4 him, the message really is precious. We will support you too Jung Min. Hope you can come out from the diffult situation fast