Sunday, June 10, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Desires to Buy a New Car But...

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I have  heard of the news when Young Saeng bought a new car a few years back.  When I heard about it, I feel so so proud of him because he bought it with his hard earned money.  It must have been a tough decision on his part to have sold his car but a wise one as well.


[News] Heo Young Saeng “Sold the car because of fear for drink-driving”
Source: Newsen
English Translation: Honeyeee @

With an indifferent expression, as though it is not of any significance, he spills his thoughts into words honestly and openly. At first glance at Heo Young Saeng may seem icy, after knowing him you’ll find a toughen and deep young man who have spend an full 7 years in the entertainment industry. Even within the short interview about cars, his deep thoughts were revealed.

“What has been your desire or what do you wish to buy recently?” To which, Heo Young Saeng did not reply immediately but pondered over it for a while. Then he said “Car?”. Cars are usually what men who started working would first buy or wishes to buy. Having the thoughts about buying a car yet do not have one is surprising.

Heo Young Saeng said “Drove a kind of car called the bumper car once in the past. Others also drove around in it. Honestly I don’t particularly like driving. I bought a car but last year I had my hand injured so i couldn’t drive. Hence I had it sold”

He explained later “I was injured and also got busy so all the more I couldn’t drive my car around. I too did not like to travel too far. When I go for exercise, I tag along with the Hyungs to go drinking and when I have to drink, I will call for a chauffeur so its alright. Therefore I don’t really need to have a car.”

Heo Young Saeng expressed “What worries me most is when I drink. Usually I will take a taxi there, but there are times when I drive too. If I had too much to drink, I’d rather not have the problem about having to drive carelessly. I may not have good judgement (when driving) and will not be able to drive well. Fear that I will have to drive like that. He continued “It wasn’t a need so I had it sold, but because I didn’t have it, I wanted it.”

Meanwhile, Heo Young Saeng has recently released his second album ‘SOLO’ with title song ‘Crying’ and resumes his activities as a singer after a year. ‘Crying’ features the come back of a weak man who has experienced the tears and pains due to a separation from his love. Compared to the existing stage, his emotional appeal is even more remarkable.

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Anonymous said...

our shy prince has really matured into a fine young man with a sense of responsiblity - so so proud of him