Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Pix & Vids] Young Saeng Playing Soccer

On May 28, Young Saeng who played with  'Gudi' and  'Rule the Sky Soccer Team'  had a charity match at GuRi WongSookJae Park. Some photos were posted HERE.

I am shoving here a few more that I lifted from Baidu. Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing.

And here are videos on that day.  Thanks to for sharing in YouTube.

Following set of photos were taken last 4th of June.  Sorry can't give you much details about this as there was none supplied.  Anyway, thanks to veggiedelight for shoving the photos in my inbox.Thanks for whoever took this snapshots.


Anonymous said...

Young saeng always use number 17. Yahh... isn't it is Hyunsaeng?? 6(Hyun Joong)+ 11(Young Saeng) = 17(Hyunsaeng)^^ ~ps

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:05
haha..never think of that.. ^^
btw, in a radio show, ys said he scores two goal for his it this match??

Anonymous said...

No, this is the latest match and i didn't know about the score. He scores 2 goal for the 1st time he involves in football recently. He mentions it through tweeter first and he's so happy with the result. For the short period, people ask him to be a captain.. haha ~ps

Anonymous said...

And our leader used number 9 in his jersey. I just think, isn't it is the combinations of Hyunsaeng too? Leader birthday is 6 July while sangie is 3 Novmber. So, 6(Leader) + 3(Sangie) = 9(Hyunsaeng). haha, I looks like do a mathematics problem... hehe^^ ~ps