Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng Singing 'Hello Mello' 06.13.12

At Lee Sora's 'Second Proposal',  Heo Young Saeng was one of the guests and he performed 'Hello Mello'. Here is a fancam from Madeleine [] that has already been posted in YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit and upload video in any streaming sites including YouTube.

Young Saeng is sooooo cute.  Love his 'Hello Mello'.


Anonymous said...

just like strawberry ice cream saengie oppa soooo cute^^
really love you soooo much my cute prince <3

Anonymous said...

This is fan service as he's singing this for his fans^^ I remembered he asked his fans in one of the signing events which song they liked (intimidated or Hello Mellow) and they picked Hello Mellow. YS likes to sing happy songs with his fan :-)

Anonymous said...

whatever he doing still cute...cutie..

Anonymous said...

as always cute cute cute prince YS ^^