Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Vid] Kiss Under the Umbrella Scene in 'Sent from Heaven' 06.14.12

Check this kissing scene of Young Saeng in tonight's episode of 'Sent from Heaven'.  Thanks once again to for the cut scene and to for sharing in YouTube.

Here are more cut scenes of Young Saeng from tonight's episode. Heaps of thanks to

Haha... I keep on smiling all through out the scene. ^___^

Btw, today is KISS DAY in Korea and Young Saeng was the guest in Radio Star. In the show, he was asked by the DJ about his first and last kiss. This is the transcript of that segment. Much thanks to Venice_YS for the tweet.
DJ : " Where is your first kiss ? "
Young Saeng (hesitate) : " House ... "
DJ : " Then the last kiss ? "
Young Saeng (Answer quickly) : "The kiss scene in the musical ."


Anonymous said...

young saeng ah.. you make me crazy.. i wish i will be nara. she's so lucky *jealous*~

Anonymous said...

ottokke. anyway what is the song?

Anonymous said...

really she's sooooo lucky to be with you sangie oppa ><
i want to be nara 2 :(

Anonymous said...

i want that kiss young saeng ah <<_>>

danz said...

Since I don't want to feel hurt by thinking who YS kissed at his house..I'm thinking maybe that's only a kiss from his parents :)) and his last's is work..

those lucky girls..i wish to be one of them too X)) and yeah, thanks to the umbrella and the uploader of video..good job! ~meow~