Friday, June 08, 2012

[Notice from KeyEast] Regarding Hyun Joong's Personal Info

KeyEast released a notice today regarding the spread of Hyun Joong's personal info. Earlier  I've seen in Twitter passport photo of Hyun Joong attached to a passport (though information on the passport was hidden).  Not sure how fans were able to get the photo and spread.  If you've seen it, please ask whoever posted to delete because it's not to be shared unless it has the consent of the person himself. 

Anyway, not sure if this notice of KE has something to do with the passport photo as well, but like I said it is something personal.

Thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for another translation. 
[Trans] KeyEast Notice Regarding HyunJoong’s Personal Information

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ &


Hello. This is Key East.

Thank you to all the fans who support Kim HyunJoong and who are always concerned over his activities.
We are going to request you something regarding Kim HyunJoong’s personal information.

Recently through some fans,
Personal information (phone numbers) of other civilians of the same name of Kim HyunJoong were spread out as Kim HyunJoong’s personal information,
We have confirmed that there are victims of such.

With the large number of complaints received from these victims and civilians,
We hope that you understand that it is necessary for us to post up a notice.
Don’t be deceived by false information and refrain from making contact personally.

We apologise once again to the civilians who were made victims of this matter.
Fans, please don’t be blinded by the false information such as this,
Respect each other’s personal life and we are looking forward to a leading matured fan culture.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Still a long way to matured fans culture I think, as many fans are defensive, crazy and irrational. Just look at how heated arguments can be simply sparked by others' choice of vocabulary. Laughable indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thank KE for actions to protect Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

Let us not be fooled by what those crazed fans are uploading in the net -they have done it before with immigration forms,passport -they will do it again for as long as there are gullible people who get excited and believe what they see at once.Only later they realize how these kind of info can be obtained. How else ,if not by falsifying documents.

The best is stop patronizing the fakery that they do -which is not hard to do nowadays.

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:41 PM U sound like the fan obsessed with the word 'lucrative', arentcha? Well if u are, then the one who's laughable is....u! hahahaha! I think like what the Korean Henecian said before, this might be another trick by those 401'bakja'? Or whatever they call themselves so let's hope the genuine fans won't get fooled easily again~ Hwaiting hyunjoong-ssi! Oh by the way anon, don't u have a life? It's pitiful to see someone so dead-set on smearing the name of someone just bcos he's a lot more popular than your bias. It's a fact so get over it.....

Anonymous said...

it is no fun at all !!
it is not matter they are doing this in purpose or just to get attention.
hope leader and the fans will not get affected by this kind of things any more.
all the best to leader & everyone.
thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I admire the way hyun joong handles these issues. So manly and mature.

He grew up to be a fine man.

Anonymous said...

hello @ 8:41 PM

yeah, someone are so immature.

The most outstanding example lately must be one fan(not fan of Leader obviously) in Kyu's FM who shouted "I don't want to see you" at Leader(its caught on cam btw)
I'm not so sure what kind of that fan(?) should be called...haters?bias?
Sure, fans shouldn’t be defensive at all, just let haters bash your idol with irrational reason as much as they want.
When I go bash someone else bias I will make sure to quote your sentences. very interesting indeed.
And I couldn’t agree more with “Its just others’ choice of vocabulary” but then Isn’t it also others’ choice of opinion?
You can say what you want but why you so against it when someone else try to say what they want? Oh yeah, you only got problem whenever someone try to protect leader.

Look into the mirror before you point your finger at someone else.
Laughable indeed,right?

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much hate for HJ? It's like at every site that I visit. I know he gets bashed a lot but it's like it's on the rise suddenly. I don't get it.

Anyway, HJ fans, don't forget to vote for him on Mnet 20's Choice. He's up against 2 big groups so it looks a little hopeless but lets try our hardest. While your at it, you can vote for YS(Crying) too since we know how HJ feels about him. LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously!! Come on ppl.

RAVEN said...

It hurts my heart that someone would scream " I don't want to see you" at KHJ. And if they didn't want to see him, why were they there? I adore Hyunjoong and thank goodness he has millions more fan who love him than he has always loving you from afar....Raven