Thursday, June 14, 2012

[Vids] Rock HEATs Up Hyun Joong

Wow! Teaser of Hyun Joong's upcoming Japanese single 'HEAT' rocks!  And Hyun Joong is hotta hotta hot as a rocker!  I like it so much!

Much thanks to for sharing this video on her YouTube channel.  I can't wait to see and hear  Hyun Joong and B'z  perform 'HEAT'.

Here is a short teaser from .

I really really like it! I think rock and Hyun Joong is a perfect match. Also there is always that Japanese sound (the anime sound) that appeals to me so much.


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong ROCKS !

Anonymous said...

Weather Forecast...Heat Wave coming in July. Be prepare!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I'm not bowled over by his voice. Too soft for rock. Doesn't have the spunk.

I love his image tho'. He looks to be in his element. And sooo manly yummy.

Anonymous said...

Love his ROCK.
Go go

Anonymous said...

Darling boy's voice is soft, yes, but, we'll wait n see cos i'm sure it'll be different once the whole MV comes out^^ Loving the rocker image though! Remember his solo song 'Rize Up'? I love the tempo there but this 'Heat' definitely has a Japanese feel..... All the best, love! KHJ Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

rock baby..i want to c leader n young saeng make duo rockers colibirasion..two of them really2 like rocks..hope get a jackpots

Anonymous said...

@1:24 PM

He got smooth voice doesn't automatically mean his voice is too soft for rock.
You forgot that there are so many kind of voices in rock world (so many kind of genres as well)

As a hard-core rock fan myself,there are many rockers who also got soft & smooth voice (ex : Thom Yorke , Matthew Bellamy ,etc )

Anonymous said...

Wow , like it so much. I love rock . I think his nature is rock. I remembered his solo " rize up " love it so much . I still keep repeating it from time to time . I hope he will sing " rize up " in his concet next year.

Love his image here , natural simple and sexy . He is really attractive and strong sex appeal.