Saturday, June 09, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng at Music Core 06.09.12

In  Music Core today, Young Saeng performed 'Crying'.  It was another great performance and the chants of fans are so loud. But I noticed that  it seems  Young Saeng's microphone volume is too high that his voice is drowning the music . But I really don't mind because even with removing the music the live singing of Young Saeng in this performance is awesome.

Here is the video shared by in YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Feel pain for him cos he can only see through 1 eye when the other eye being covered by his hair & can see that his hair got into his eye & he blinking

Anonymous said...

young saeng will be more handsome with 'lave ya' hairstyle moment.. however, i really hope he will win once with this song.. saranghaeyo my prince;)

kelly said...

I like this outfit. Simple and he looks comfortable in it.