Wednesday, June 06, 2012

[Trans & Vid] Kyu Jong's Message at ThanKYU with Triple S

Beautiful words from our sweet Kyu Jong. Super thanks to Lois for doing the translation of Kyu Jong's message from ThanKYU with Triple S and sharing on her blog. I have been waiting for this and it's finally here.  Really thanKYU Lois!

As you will read through, you can feel Kyu Jong's sincerity from every words.  He is so endearing. He makes me miss him already.

[Trans] Kyu Jong's Message at ThanKYU with Triple S
Korean to English translation :

Re-post with full credit.

우리가 처음 만난 날이 잊혀지지 않아요.
I never forget the day we met for the very first time.
소리쳐주던 예쁘게 웃어주던 아름다운 미소가 너무 좋았어요.
I really loved your beautiful smile and cheering for us.
힘들때마다 위로가 되어주고 행복의 의미를 선물해주었어요.
Everytime I felt tired you comforted me and gave the meaning of happiness to me.
내겐 너무나 커다란 선물입니다.
It was really huge gift to me.
정말 고마워요.
ThanKYU very much.
추억은 사랑만큼 커다란 힘이 있어요.
Memory has a super power like what love has.
우리 지금까지 함께했던 일들 간직하며 미래를 꿈꿔요.
Let's keep what we've done up to now in our mind, then think about our future.
잠시 멀어져있지만 추억속에서 함께 해요.
Although we'll be far away for a while, we can be together in our momory.
항상 다시 만날 날 꿈꾸고 있을게요.
I'll be always dreaming of the day we will meet again.
제 걱정은 하지 마세요.
여러분과 함께 제가얼마나 행복했는지 떠올리며 웃으면서 힘낼게요.
I'll cheer up and smile with remembering how I was happy with you.
하지만 약속해요.
Please promise me.
아프지 말기.
Don't get hurt.
매일 웃으면서 지내기.
Have a smile everyday.
일찍 잠들기.
Go to bed early.
매일밤 꿈에서 기다리고 있을게요.
I'll be waiting for you in your dream.
여러분들이 어디있든 이세상 어디라해도 지켜보고 있을게요.
Wherever you go, wherever you are, I'll keep my eyes on you.

Sharing here the video message.

Video courtesy of 's YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to want more? I don't know why but I feel like I'm not happy to be just a fan. I want more than that. I know its not possible but I just can't help it. What's the point of being a fan, when I could only see him from afar. When even during handshakes there will be guards shooing me for taking one more glance at you :'(

Anonymous said...

i love this message..this is wonderful..kyu,i'll wait for u..and after 2 years i'll be in korea to welcome u back :)

DeeDee2023 said...
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DeeDee2023 said...

Beautiful message to us fans and so from the heart. Love you, Kyu Jong. Be safe and may the Lord keep you safe and bless you always. Counting the days until you are back again, Kyu Jongie.

daydeq said...

it's kyu who always being tahnkful to his fan..tear..