Monday, June 18, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng Put On a Disguise for a Date

In today's episode of 'Sent from Heaven', we will get to see Young Saeng who is playing the role of top idol star, Kaki, having a date with NaRa played by WooRi.

Since Kaki is a top idol star, he put on a disguise by wearing a wig and mustache. According to the article I read, Young Saeng was embarrassed doing the scene but later on had fun with the wig and mustache. If you still remember a few weeks back he even showed us a selca of him in a wig which we all thought from the MV he was doing.

If you have KBS2 you may catch 'Sent from Heaven' early evening. 

Let me share here few screencaps from previous episode that I got from Thanks to 그아이taran님영상캡쳐.


Anonymous said...

aigooo~ saengie so cute in those screencaps!! >.<
LOL and the mustache.. ;D

crazeeme said...

oooing?...ooiing ooing oooiing?he..he.. oh my god, he's so cute. 26 years old cute man. :p