Thursday, June 07, 2012

[Vids & Pix] Young Saeng at Incheon & Yeongdeungpo Fan Signing 06.06.12

Young Saeng had two fan signing events yesterday, 6th of June.  One started at 2PM in Incheon and the other one was at 7:30PM Yeongdeungpo.

Fancams and photos have been shared and I am sharing few of them here.

Here are videos from HYS Fansite Madeleine [] taken at Incheon which  I lifted from the YouTube channel of . After the first video is the translation shared by aAdditi143 in the comment section of 's YouTube channel.

Please DO NOT edit and upload the video below in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

Translation courtesy of aAdditi143 @  's YouTube channel

0:09 Is there any fan that getting sign second time.
0:23 Thanks for coming and nice to meet you.
0:30 Why there is so quite today?
0:40 when you come for sign tell your name clearly and if you want p.s plz tell faster in order to make fan-sign move faster.
0:53 when nobody answer his he said all of them are in taking picture.
1:14 should we talk little bit while they are not ready. I will take one question
1:32 one more question
fan: where is kim hyun joong?
YS: why I have to tell about this?
fan: today is his birthday.
Ys: yes, but why I have to tell You.
1:50 fan: from when you being soo cute!!
1:56 I was cute from when I was born!!
2:04 there is no more question shall we start fansign!

Next is a vid where he mentioned that SS501 has a plan to make an album before Kyu Jong enlist but didn't materials.  He asked fans to wait.  Also fans asked him to dance to  TTS-Twinkle but he said he don't know the steps then fans instead asked him to dance to Gee but he said he has forgotten hot to.

Following are photos from at Incheon and yaojoong/ which were taken by  卡哇依瑶 at Yeongdeungpo.

:: Young Saeng at Incheon by

:: Young Saeng at Yeongdeungpo by 卡哇依瑶.


Anonymous said...

lol~ young saeng so funny and random! he's cute!! (from the day he was born) ^o^

Anonymous said...

young saeng is so cute... u r quite buzy lately.. do u really don't meet up with hyun joong to celebrate his birthday together??huhu.. just need to know... anyway, do your best and FIGHTING!!! saranghaeo~ (saengprince)

Mishelle said...

saengie looks so manly and grown up here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting my translation in your blog....My translation may not be exactly same but I Still try what I understand!!


Anonymous said...

still cute & sexy but the difference you can see is the confidence he has gained - love it!

Anonymous said...

@6:39am Totally agreed and I love him more and more^^

daydeq said...

he always cute...HJL really2 know him when say he act manly but still's true indeed..always be my cute prince ever..

Anonymous said...

i always think he's actually quite random like leader. but he's just a bit shy or maybe not interested with displaying it on-screen, so it doesn't get captured a lot...