Thursday, June 07, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Talks About Acting

In this article, Young Saeng talked quite a lot.  I like. He really has outgrown his shyness and has become more confident when he went solo.

Btw, I confess that I am one of those who think that Young Saeng is not interested in acting.  Hee, so all along many of us has that misconception about him.  Miane Young Saeng-ah.

Heaps of thanks to Honeyeee for doing the translation of this Newsen article and sharing on Love501 blog.


[News] Heo Young Saeng ‘Why does everybody thinks that I’m not interested in acting?’Source: NEWSEN
English Translation: Honeyeee @

Heo Young Saeng, whose chicness seems endless, overcame it through sitcom. “I have no confidence in memorizing scripts” said Heo Young Saeng, who said he couldn’t do musicals, but yet had successfully completed it. Just like this, Heo Young Saeng builds up his self-confidence bit by bit.

Heo Young Saeng who revealed in an interview as he releases his last album that he “has no confidence in memorizing scripts”, was later casted in musical ‘Three Musketeers’ and transformed into a musical actor. Heo Young Saeng, whom we’ve came face to face once again, laughed as he said “It was alright. While it was fascinating, I memorized by hard too”

Heo Young Saeng said “Even up till now, i can still remember the lines (in the script). I forget the lines in the sitcom after a while, but i remember the lines for musical even until now. It could be because I have been constantly practicing it. After all it was for a period of 2 months. I can also remember all the fencing strokes, i probably memorized them better than the lines.”

He said, “And above all, I think its because I have met good people and have been in a good production. Hence i had more motivation. The pressure and tension that I was experiencing had all been covered up by the actors.” while expressing his gratitude.

Regarding the sitcom, Heo Young Saeng revealed, “Honestly, being in the sitcom wasn’t as bad either. The amount of makeup is not too much of a concern. Before participating in the sitcom, when speaking to the writers, they told me that even though i’m a singer, the character given to me may not be a elegant one. I thought about the reality of how a singer may look cool on stage, but after coming down from stage, the singer is just another ordinary person.”

In response to the words “Not interested in acting”, Heo Young Saeng told us “I used to have a little interest in acting. I wanted to try. But people thought i have no interest in acting. I’ve always wanted to try, but people didn’t think that way. In fact, I’m quite interested.”

He said "That is because it seems interesting if I live such as another person.". Whenever we have a musical performance, i thought, ‘You’re going against the villian today’, ‘You’re going to have a affectionate scene’, it makes me excited. Now, while shooting sitcom i will think to myself ‘You’re going to see your girlfriend’. Since i cannot do things such as being in a romance in reality, being able to do that while in a sitcom seems good too.”

Heo Young Saeng who was on the musical stage and in a sitcom for a period has once again returned as a singer. Despite revealing his desires in acting, his mercenary spirit as a singer was as strong as before. In particular, the album concept, planning, organization and so on, Heo Young Saeng has been directly involved in the overall production and has his name reflected in the producing line.

Heo Young Saeng said “As compared to the other or the last album, it will be good if the current album gets credit. I hope I can show you my improvements a little by little.” (Photos = B2M Entertainment)


kelly said...

I am even more sorry, YS. At least Liezle thot you not interested in acting. I was not too sure if you could act.... hahaha!

but still I wonder why your frens are largely actors and actress, so maybe you got influenced? Glad that you enjoy it. When is the next musical?

Anonymous said...

for me, i was more interested if young saeng somehow became an actor rather than a singer(which we normally see him do) and that is why i am hoping young saeng to become an actor..and you finally did.. hehe
i hope you will get a lead role of next drama that you will act in..becuz young saeng can clearly act!

Anonymous said...

Hope YS can improve his popularity through new drama.
How pitty that YS still not wins a cup.

Anonymous said...

YS has a beautiful voice. Crying is a nice song too. Deserves No. 1. Triple S, make it happen please.

daydeq said...

Acting or singing..whatever they do always support them..I LOVE WHATEVER SS501 do..hehehe..KAWAI N MECHE ME..