Sunday, May 01, 2011

04.29.11 /Tweet Treats

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation of tweets last Friday which she shared on Quainte501.


[Trans] 04.29.11 /Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-04-29 @ 12:10 AM
JUNGYEON1023 Happy birthday to Mother!! Exciting party after the delicious dinner~

2011-04-29 @ 1:33 AM
mastadoo @2kjdream Where are you~~~

2011-04-29 @ 1:44 AM
90KKB Happy birthday Mother, I love youu~!~!~~!~!

2011-04-29 @ 10:59 AM

New Seseme Street characters in Hangten!!! HyunJoong looks really cute in this photo he took with Elmo!!!

2011-04-29 @ 12:17 PM
LUsyndrome @90KKB Happy birthday Mother Kap~!!
*He added 'kap' cos he's in Thailand, so making it sound more...thai? ^^;

2011-04-29 @ 8:45 PM
90KKB I have some Feel today so I took a sel-ca! It's mt no-makeup face, is it okay? bowow

2011-04-29 @ 11:08 PM
JungMin04023 To those who came to the UN concert today!!!! Thank you£¨£Þ„1—2^)«Î I also hope that I was able to become a force of strength for everyone(>_<) It's late so return home with care!!!!
*thanks to saylalala @ Quainte501 for the trans

2011-04-29 @ 11:10 PM
wonjhan @JungMin0403 You went Japan???

2011-04-29 @ 11:12 PM

2011-04-29 @ 11:14 PM
JungMin0403 @wonjhan Yea it's Japan~happy.gif* Let's go eat baby back ribs in Korea!!^___^*

2011-04-29 @ 11:19 PM
wonjhan @JungMin0403 Perilla too...keke Do you know it's been 2 years since we went for back ribs???

2011-04-29 @ 11:26 PM
JungMin0403 @wonjhan I'll treat you to 2 years worth of it!!^___^* I lub! (>_<)

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