Thursday, May 12, 2011

05.11.11 S/Tweet Treats

Last Wednesday tweets translation is here. Thanks to xiaochu for the translation on Quainte501.


[Trans] 05.11.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-05-11 @ 3:43 PM
b2ment This is B2M. Tonight at 12 midnight, the many pouring events with the release of mp3^^ participate lots and lots, hope that cutie YoungSaeng Get! ^^
*not sure what they mean by 'get!' though..

2011-05-11 @ 4:28 PM
90KKB Filmed God of Cookery 2 with hyung today! JaeYong hyung, HeeJun hyung, BoRam noona, BongSun noona, it was enjoyable! Writers and my lovely PD-nim who treated us so kindly, kekeke Looking forward to the actual broadcast +_+

2011-05-11 @ 6:07 PM
b2ment B2M office is having the YoungSaeng virus now. Poster contruction time!

2011-05-11 @ 7:00 PM
hyeongjin2 5 hours 01 minutes to Heo YoungSaeng's mp3 release heehee Daebak!!

2011-05-11 @ 9:47 PM
b2ment On 11th, YoungSaeng's news report is being put up at Sportshankook~~~ Photos came out really well~~^^ Now is the time to clear your ears everybody~~~^^

2011-05-11 @ 9:49 PM
hyeongjin2 @skullhong Hongki-yah, please also promote lots for YoungSaeng Hyong-ah~~~ keke. Hyung met with your Director-nim the day before yesterday~~~^^

2011-05-11 @ 9:12 PM
mina_kk Will attain! Extreme huge success!! I believe that!! RT @hyeongjin2: 5 hours 01 minutes to Heo YoungSaeng's mp3 release heehee Daebak!!

2011-05-11 @ 9:53 PM
skullhong @hyeongjin2 keke Woohohoho This person is???!!! Euheuheuheu Sure. Everybody, Heo YoungSaeng hyung is also making a comeback!!!! Please give him lots of love kekekeke. Our director, do you mean Lee JaeYong director??? him??? keke Oh and, KyuJong hyung musical too!!!!!^^ Both Daebak!!!!!

2011-05-11 @ 9:56 PM
hyeongjin2 @skullhong keke How are you doing? Are you in Korea or Japan? Let's meet for once heehee Hyung will be going to Japan soon too keke

2011-05-11 @ 9:59 PM
skullhong @hyeongjin2 I am in Japan kekekeke Please contact me

2011-05-11 @ 10:05 PM
hyeongjin2 @skullhong Oki~~~~ We will join forces and let's challenge to RT infinite times keke Lee HongKi Mansae!!! Heo YoungSaeng Mansae!!! Kim KyuJong Mansae!!!!

2011-05-11 @ 11:39 PM
2kjdream @skullhong Thanks HongHongKiKiKiKiiii yahahahah !!!! I miss you TT TT I have a whole lot of things to say to u....!!!!!

2011-05-11 @ 11:40 PM
2kjdream @Actorjihoon yes yes yes !!! Do it together everyday !!! heehee Even though I don't know if I will be able to follow around heehee Very good!!! excited excited~~~

2011-05-11 @ 11:40 PM
2kjdream @blackjosunho Guy with great sense, Hyung-nim!! ^^!! Thanks~~~!!!

2011-05-11 @ 11:59 PM
blackjosunho @2kjdream I'm flattered~you're

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