Saturday, May 14, 2011

05.13.11 S/Tweet Treats

Here are tweets on the day of Young Saeng's 1st solo comeback.

Thanks to xiaochu for the translation shared on Quainte501.


[Trans] 05.13.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-05-13 @ 1:14 AM
hyeongjin2 Heo YoungSaeng number 1 on Hanteo Chart on first day!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who love and gave encouragements~~ Also thank you to green peas~~~ I hope that you can give even more support to get the 1st place in weekly chart!! I will be supporting it even if I have to sell away my car^^

2011-05-13 @ 1:37 AM
hyeongjin2 @mjjoo0326 Listen to a song when that time comes~~~ it will make you feel better. Recommended song is. Heo YoungSaeng's Let it go~~~^^

2011-05-13 @ 9:48 AM
eru_Ndrew btw those of u who don't kno.
@mystyle1103 @welcomtomaworld

Youngsaeng & J Lim

2011-05-13 @ 10:24 AM
b2ment (Heo YoungSaeng) Was it yesterday~Madeleine sent packed snacks to the recording of SaeBaKwi ^^ YoungSaeng and the staffs ate everything well~ Thank you.

2011-05-13 @ 12:02 PM
hangtenkorea Star's look while wearing Hangten's new character Sesame Street. Not only Kim HyunJoong, Miss A Suzy, Girls Day, Sistar, etc etc~ Very very cute and lovely look.

2011-05-13 @ 12:03 PM
hangtenkorea Summer is approaching. Must-have item in order to have a cool summer!!! Please go over to a Hangten shop now~

2011-05-13 @ 12:24 PM
3dcolordoobu All of YoungSaeng's fans, I will eat it well^^

2011-05-13 @ 1:26 PM
mastadoo Nearly eaten too full to death TT TT Thank you~!

2011-05-13 @ 4:09 PM
PHOTOKARMA @hyeongjin2 Congratulations, it's worth while

2011-05-13 @ 5:46 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin Later at 6pm, YoungSaeng hyung first comeback stage in Music Bank!!! Let's wait to watch the actual broadcast!!!! Hwaiting~~~~~~~~~~~!!

2011-05-13 @ 7:38 PM
3dcolordoobu Heo YoungSaeng started first broadcast today! I wish for his huge success~Hwaiting^^ user posted image

2011-05-13 @ 8:58 PM
parkmaehee @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah congrats on your first broadcast~~ Have a huge success~!

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Anonymous said...

I always these fans are beyond my imagination, giving a lot of support with substance. Very touched.

Hyeongjin is cute. Sell away his car??? :)