Thursday, May 12, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng didn't meet HyunA during recording

When I was reading this article I cannot help but really think that our favorite SS501 members are all grown up. Young Saeng talk as if their being an idol group happened long time ago.

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation posted on their forum, Quainte501.


[trans] Heo YoungSaeng “Featuring HyunA, Deliberately Not Go To Recording Studio” Why? (Interview)

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Heo YoungSaeng from SS501, will be returning back as a solo singer with the release of his very first mini album ‘Let It Go’. Releasing a solo album after 7 years of debut, Heo YoungSaeng packed full this album with his own vocal.

Same titled title song as his album, ‘Let It Go’ is a song about a different way of love between the male and female. With the unique beautiful voice of Heo YoungSaeng as a cold indifferent guy in front of love. The desire of expression of love which is the mind of the female, is expressed through the sensual raps by HyunA from 4Minute.

Heo YoungSaeng said “When HyunA had to come to the recording studio for the featuring, my other work ended late and I was contemplating if I should go but I didn’t go in the end. Because we didn’t know each other, so it seems like it will be awkward for each other, I didn’t go so that she can record comfortably. HyunA’s rap tone is good, and she did great for me.”

With a character who is somewhat shy of strangers, Heo YoungSaeng said “These days, everyone are close to each other without distinction of girl groups and boy groups. During our times, it would become a news issue if you are close with someone. Now looking at these friends who debut, I wonder why we cannot become closer to each other. I heard from other friends that they said that SS501 is difficult (to get close to) as being a senior. And because I am not the style who will make a first move, so I feel envious looking at them.”

In a situation where there are continuously strong (opponents) releasing music files, his position is that he must face the competition with them naturally. Won’t he feel the pressure from the situation to face fierce competition with his first solo album?

Heo YoungSaeng said “I think successful singers should release more songs/albums so that music fans can listen to more music and watch more music programs. This will then become a win win situation for everyone.”

Recently injured of the back of his hand and ligament which forces the postponement of the album release, Heo YoungSaeng has not fully recovered from the injury and have not been able to use his hand freely like before. Despite that, he is full of confidence. He laughed “I leave the worries inside myself, but will be good to to be seen as confident on the outside. I am confident, but my company is very worried. Which makes me lose a little confidence recently.”

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Anonymous said...

Wish he doesn't so much stress on himself. Know easier said than done, though. Somehow he always lack that little bit of confidence.

Seems that he is not attending Music Core this Saturday. The schedule has disappeared from his official website's schedule. Any know?

Addicted to Let It Go and Rainy Heart. Must we keep streaming on Let It Go on soribada or stream any of his album's songs will do?