Monday, May 16, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng gets invite to other countries

This is great news. As Young Saeng mentioned in one interview, they will only consider showcase outside of Korean if there is a good response in the album. So far the album is doing good and I hope it'll do better. Likewise if and really when YS go to these countries I am really hoping that the turn out would really be tremendous. I am saying this because sometimes survey turns out to be wonderful but once ticket selling starts all fans are no where to be found. This would certain be damaging to the the promoter and artist.

Thanks to xiaochu for translating this article on Quainte501.


[news] Heo YoungSaeng, Flooded by Invites to Turkey - Eastern Europe
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‘Kpop, No Blind Spot!’

Heo YoungSaeng, Flooded by invites to Turkey, Eastern Europe.

Singer Heo YoungSaeng from SS501, received invitations from Turkey as well as Eastern Europe, South America, etc.

Heo YoungSaeng’s agency B2M Entertainment representative said on 15-May “We have enquiries for fanmeeting in Turkey since last year. Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil fans came to the office personally and requested for us to visit their own county.”



naesarangtr said...

We will be waiting for him to come to Turkey.^^ Uri nappeun namja is a Hallyu Star now. Love him^^

Anonymous said...

I wish he will come to Singapore. If there is a paid showcase, I will go. Me too old to squeeze the young people. Need to sit down :)

But chance not high since there was no fan meeting in Singapore.


denisaa_04 said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG I`ll be so happy if any SS501 member would come to Romania,please God make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it's the really intention of fans to support him, not some phonny internet survey. Baby and JM got the same issue in other countries. Fans did not show up that many at the events once it got organized.
All the best for you, Saengie! <3

Anonymous said...

uuhhh, before YS can go to other countries can he stop by and have a fan meeting or Meet and Greet fans here in the US,-- no US does not mean West coast only, it includes East Coast as well, kekekeke

Anonymous said...

even these invites got on the paper??? other SS501 members who have gone solo got them too.'s true that invites are nothing until the ticket sales are tally......surveys..........who in their right mind still actually put so much weight on them? the responses to surveys are very misleading.