Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng's Surprising Confession

Thanks to xiaochu for sharing this article on Quainte501.

Not a new story for some of us as we've read this before. But can't wait to watch Happy Together tomorrow and see how YS will tell this story.


[Trans] Heo YoungSaeng “Kim HyunJoong was almost burned to death because of me” Surprising Confession
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


member Heo YoungSaeng revealed the story with his same group member Kim HyunJoong.

Heo YoungSaeng appeared in KBS2 ‘Happy Together’ to be broadcasted on 12-May and opened up the talk “I normally lit up candles in my house and drink (alcohol) with Kim HyunJoong. I received a call unexpectedly by a friend who asked for a meet up, so I left Kim HyunJoong who was sleeping in the house and went out.”

He continued “I went out to meet my friend outside for quite a while, then I was being contacted that ‘my house was on fire’, so I rushed back home and saw the 119 fire engine in front of my house making a big fuss. I was so worried about Kim HyunJoong who was sleeping inside the house, so I dashed into my house and Kim HyunJoong was sleeping safe and sound despite the fire. Fortunately, my house wasn’t burnt badly.”

“I am very sorry to Kim HyunJoong who almost died because of me, but it became a story for Kim HyunJoong to talk about in broadcast shows and laughed at it.” Heo YoungSaeng confessed, bring a burst of laughter in the bathhouse.


kute_hs said...

HyunSaeng cp :X

czak_reina1 said...

another version of this story is in soompi:
the part about the incident being mentioned in broadcast had a different translation in soompi..
YS said: "Heo Young Saeng concluded, “I felt terrible about the incident, but thankfully Kim Hyun Joong flippantly commented, ‘It’s something to talk about on air.’”"


Anonymous said...

I think he miss do we...pls pls make a group comeback as quickie as possible.

Anonymous said...

OMG! luckily hyunjoong leader wasnt hurt! love you saengie! :D

Anonymous said...

Both are so lovable...miss them!

Anonymous said...

I've heard this story before when SS501 and KARA were in a reality show, Alien Prince could not forget this incident and "threw" the baton at Shy Prince....^^ it was horrible thinking about it but both people had fun recounting their past^^

thanks for sharing (A)