Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng's Thought on Marriage

Again, thanks to the wonder duo of Love501, Honeyeee and Wonderrrgirl for this article.

Hmm, I wonder what made Young Saeng say that there is not romance in marriage?


[News] Heo Young Saeng "There is no romance in a marriage" Such a straight forward answer, perhaps he is celibrate?
Source: Newsen
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Heo Young Saeng confessed that marriage does not equates romance.

On the 12th of May's broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Happy Together Season' featuring guest Heo Young Saeng, Park Ji Yoon-Choi Dong Seok announcer couple, Kim Jong Min, Park Tab Hee, show off their straight-forward talk and magnificent glib of tongue

Half way through when Park Ji Yoon-Choi Dong Seok announcer couple were sharing their story, Shin Bong Sun asked Heo Young Saeng "Don't singles have thoughts of wanting to get married?". To which, Heo Young Saeng confessed frankly, "From young, I (felt) that there is no romance in marriage"

Everyone was curious about Heo Young Saeng's answer of "It seems like I'm being repressed".

Then, the cast asked "What kind of repression does the married Park Myung Su receives?" "On Sundays, I can't go out of the house", "At home, I can't receive phonecalls as and when I wish to, and I have to stop drinking after a short while", he added, resulting in laughter.

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Anonymous said...

kekeke... i wonder,... based on the gazillions of Kdrama i've watched, isnt Korea also known for fixed marriage? maybe that's the reason to his straightforward but vague response

also, when you get married, the romance does tend to die off and its more like companionship as per what older couples have shared but the love and respect is still much alive... maybe since YS parents are old, this is what he saw?

hmmm, YS you sure are mysterious (A)