Monday, May 16, 2011

[Fancams] Young Saeng's Performance @ Inkigayo 110515

Thanks much to Marvie for shoving these fancams here from BestYS. Also thaks for sharing here fancam from Madeleine which were lifted from YT channel. Btw, I am happy the Madeleine's admin has decided to share the vid on youtube in order to bring us more happy moment from Young Saeng. So please do not reupload vids of on other YT channel or other streaming sites.

Out The Club

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Let It Go (Fan Service Performance)

Out The Club

Let It Go (Rehearsal)

Departure from SBS Compound (After The Broadcast)

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1 comment:

Veith said...

Wow! How did they manage to take this video? I remember when i watched in Inkigayo, i wouldn't even dare take my camera off my bag, not even my cellfone...hat's off to u guys well done :)

Love Young Saeng's mischievous smile.

Thanks for the upload Lizle