Monday, May 09, 2011

Few Bigger Pix of Young Saeng's MV Teaser

Earlier, we've seen from articles collage of photos of Young Saeng's 'Let It Go' MV. They're small which makes you cringe because you want to see bigger images, right?

Well, there are quite a few number of photos that are quite big and I am shoving them here. Btw, if you happen to missed the two articles I posted earlier, you may click HERE.

Only 3 more sleeps before the much awaited release of 'Let It Go' Really wish that we can fast forward the day. ^_^

Someone's hugging Young Saeng from the back.


nika said...

curious .. curious .. curious ..
who's that woman ?
and also how colaboration lead vocal YS with lead dancer Hyuna ?hm hm

Chara said...

Getting Deja-Vu's one by one.

Girl hugging from the back reminds me of 4Chance times. YoungSaeng on a bar? 4Chance? :-)