Tuesday, May 03, 2011

[Notice from B2M] 05/03 Heo Young Saeng 1st MINI ALBUM "Let It Go"

Loads of thanks Marvie for sharing here xiaochu's translation at Quainte501 about the release of Young Saeng's album teaser and date of sale.

It's really coming! Young Saeng's 1st album! Woot! Woot! Really looking forward to it.

Btw, it's interesting to note the time of the release of the teaser on May 4... 11:03. I bet you know what it means, yah?

Wishing HYS all the best of luck on the release of his album.


[Trans] 05/03Heo Young Saeng 1st MINI ALBUM "Let It Go"

Credits : young-saeng.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


This is B2M Entertainment.

- He is coming! -

Heo YoungSaeng 1st MINI ALBUM ‘Let it go’
4 May (Wednesday) AM 11 : 03
Release of Teaser!

You can watch them over at
B2M Entertainment official youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/b2ment
and Various websites’ music section and music websites.

Heo Young Saeng 1st MINI ALBUM ‘Let it go’
12 May (Thu) AM 00:00
Release as online music mp3 / offline ablum release


Anonymous said...

Hi does it mean that the teaser will be released by tmr ? :D btw thanks for informing, really appreciate alot !

sweetiecutieys said...

cant wait!!!!!!

cola said...

wish young saeng all the best with his solo album! DAEBAK! :)

Anonymous said...

wwwaaahhhhh!!!! ive seen the teaser!!!!!1

am soooooo excited and 501% happy!!!!!

thanks (A)