Tuesday, May 03, 2011

More Kim Hyun Joong Pix at Kanzai Airport 05.02.11

Super heaps of thanks to Imane for shoving this photos from a-hlia here. This was from yesterday's arrival of Hyun Joong at Kanzai Airport in Japan. Hyun Joong is in Japan for the 'Playful Kiss' promotion.

credit Ahlia/ Baidu


Anonymous said...

Wooooahhhhh...He looks really manly, and oh-soooo-cool!!

Anonymous said...

HJL is a man now.
Love his hair and black style.

Anonymous said...

Love his black style.

Anonymous said...

These were some of my FAV pics.. WOW!! I love how he looks so suave and freakingly handsome!!! And yeah, M in love with his hairstyle!!!

poshdrive said...

Woah...Leader's hair is really short! But he look good in whatever hairstyle!

Do all our boys have to cut their hair short for their solo comeback? XD

Whatever it is, I still love them!