Wednesday, May 04, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong & So Min @ Playful Kiss PressCon 05.04.11

Much thanks to tomomon2 for re-tweeting the link to photos for today press conference of Playful Kiss tweeted by chickyb829 as well as to kim_i96 for tweeting some of the photos too.

Playful Kiss will be shown in Japan on June.

From tweet of chickyb829 she said that Jung So Min reveals that Hyun Joong slept during shooting & snored. And from kim_i96's tweet she mentioned that there is another Playful Kiss fan meeting on the 2nd August.


Anonymous said...

both look very happy and refeshing in these photos! very nice!

i remember seeing hyun joong sleeping while watching bts. LOL. he loves to sleep!

Anonymous said...

is it just me or did hyun joong gets darker?...still very handsome.

immagnen said...

^ I do think Leader got a little tan (probably from playing so much soccer?)
I like him with slightly darker skin, it works with his dark hair,

He's very handsome!

Anonymous said...

they are such adorable couple. love khj so handsome and gorgeous ever and jsm too so pretty and sexy. they are perfectly match.

Anonymous said...

he looks absolutely gorgeous!! mmm i like him in tan skin too, v manly ^^

Anonymous said...

In a span of a year he looks different than when he was Baek seung jo...i miss that look he was cute.Anway dont care still likes him alottt.