Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min Chosen as JN Neoteric Cosmetic Model

Today, news about Jung Min chosen as the exclusive model of JN Neoteric Cosmetic is out. I've seen quite a number of article already and hoping that we'll get to read more about it.

With good and healthy skin, Jung Min attracted the attention of the cosmetic's advertiser. And if what I read is correct, Jung Min is involved the the design of the cosmetic container.

Jung Min did the ad for the cosmetic for the past three days.

Btw, no wonder in HK they've given away free samples after the FM.


Alex said...

OMG, he's become more and more gorgeous, this is just UNBELIEVABLE :((((((((

Anonymous said...

wooowwww.jung min is in a cosmetic cf.he should have done it early.soooooo handsome.jung min is a perfect model.i hope we can see him in more cf from now on.