Friday, May 06, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Jung Min @ Incheon 05.05.11 by p-jungmin

Heaps of thanks to for sharing this set of photos of Jung Min on their site. As always the shutterbug of p-jungmin always gives us nicely taken photos of Jung Min.

Jung Min cut a bit of his hair, you noticed? Jung Min is currently in Thailand now for a fan meeting this weekend. He arrived I think 1-ish in the morning. If I am not mistaken fan meeting in Thailand is the 2nd to the last before he goes to Taiwan and stay there for a longer period of time to start filming his drama. But before he does that, he will have the last leg of his fan meeting in China on the 14th of May.

Alright, I got an answer on the sash that Jung Min wore and also had his manager wore. It's a sash from fan/s saying "Congratulations! 100th day since PJM's solo debut." Such a nice, sweet and cute gesture from fans, yah? And Jung Min is also so nice and sweet to wear it on and display at the airport! This young man is just so adorable.

Super thanks to Lois for letting us know of the translation on the sash.

And here's YT ver if you can't watch the video from DAUM. Thanks to Anonymous for the link and providing another info on the vid on the comment section below. Thanks as well to for the upload on YT.


lois said...

Hahahahahahahahaha. So~~~~~~ funny.
It's said "Congratulations! 100th day since PJM's solo debut."
Putting on sash is very contrified and usually used for the ceremony but his fan made it on purpose to make him laugh I think.
JM even put it on himself at the airport. hahaha. He has a good sence of humor. JM is very friendly and sweet to fans as usual.


liezle said...

Wow that was so sweet and cute of the fans/s who thought of it! And Jung Min is so sweet too for putting the sash on and displaying it. Such a sweet and nice gesture. Whoever made it for sure were so happy and giddy. Wonder if JM put the sash on to his manager.

Much much thanks Lois for letting us know what the sash is all about.

So, it's 100 days today since debut? We should have been congratulating him on Twitter then, right?


Anonymous said...

thanks, Lois & Liezle!
can't believe it's already been 100 days since his solo debut. he's done a lot already, hasn't he? congrats, Jung Min! ^_^

so sweet of the fans and so cute of JM to put it on for them. i laughed when JM chased Ranka-chan and finally put it on him. it's funny because JM put it on backwards on Ranka-chan, the side of the sash that says "Park Jung Min's Catwoman" XDDD (is that the name of the fan who made it?)

if daum doesn't work, here's youtube:

liezle said...

Thanks 4:31 for the link on YT and for added info.