Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng @ Music Bank 110513 by Amorino

Loads of thanks Marvie for sharing this set of photos from the shutterbug of Amorino.

If I am not mistaken, the photos wherein Young Saeng is wearing a beanie was when he arrived at KBS studio.

Seems that there were only few photos from the recording. I remember how difficult it is to be inside the studio. Security is so tight. If you're caught filming or taking photos, your camera will be grabbed and won't be able to get it until the show is over. They would even ask you to delete everything you've taken. But hey, some fans are really amazing, they have a way of hiding their cameras to record then later on share with us.

Credit : amorino/ss601

Btw, I just learned from a friend that Music Core stage of Young Saeng is canceled this Saturday. Some fans even checked his calendar on his official website and B2M seems to have deleted the sked. So we've to wait until Sunday to see Young Saeng again perform this time in Inkigayo.

Also, those planning to watch music shows recording for Young Saeng's comeback I was told that it's difficult now especially for foreign fans. It's not the same as Love Ya day. Now, to join the recording, you've to go to Young Saeng's HP and download ringing tones. I don't have details much but that is what I was told.

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