Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng's First Solo Stage BTS from Naver Music

Much thanks to Lois for sharing this on her blog.

Naver Music was with Young Saeng on the day of his solo comeback and they were able to record Young Saeng's activities on that day. Here are photos and short narratives in Korean from

Naver Music also released 20 seconds greeting of Young Saeng on their website. You may click HERE to view.

Here's translation of Young Saeng's message lifted from the blog of Lois.

"Hello, I'm Young Saeng. I'll make a debut as a solo with my first solo Album 'Let It Go'. I'm very nervous to have a very first solo performance. So please encourage me and love my album 'Let It Go' a lot."

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Anonymous said...

I love your album a lot, Young Saeng!