Monday, May 16, 2011

[Screencaps] Young Saeng @ Fun Quiz Club 05.16.11

Young Saeng was one of the quests in tonight's Fun Quiz Club over at SBS. The show with a comic tone is hosted by hosted by MCs Kim Yong-man, Jung Hyung-don, and Kim Sook-yi.

I wasn't able to watch as TVAnts is not working on me anymore and I forgot that I can watch it over at Goreala. Anyway, I will just wait for the vid to be uploaded later.

Meantime, while we wait here are screencaps that iamsom tweeted a few minutes ago.

Adding more from the tweet of HYSmystyle.

Ah, love to see Young Saeng smiling like the screencaps above. You can't almost see his. ^^


Chara said...

Great. ^^ I overslept... I could have seen... T_T but well..

Great thing he is smiling and smiling. He's still very happy inside, it seems. ^_^ Whoho, Youngsaeng ^^, Whoho.

Anonymous said...

So cute!
I really could just stare at his face forever.

Anonymous said...

aigooo.. he so cute!!! cant wait to watch the upload version!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that he seems to be enjoying the recording.


sweetiecutieys said...

hes really cute!!!