Monday, May 09, 2011

Soribada Tutorial for Young Saeng's Comeback

We are again putting all our efforts to help another member of SS501 in the digital sales. As you very well know, digital sales is an important factor in the music charts in Korea.

Alright, we all know who's going to comeback this week, right? Correct... it no less than HEO YOUNG SAENG.

Here's step by step instructions on how we international fans can help Young Saeng. Thanks much to hl2412 for doing this.

Please DO NOT HOTLINK the image.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if purchases from the English soribada site goes towards the count for the music shows?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to liezle and hl2412 for the instructions.


liezle said...

Hi 11:07. Yes Purchase from the English site is also included in the count.


Anonymous said...

um, maybe that week isn't the best time to do mass-DL. YS is going to get big competition from 2NE1. :P maybe we should do the mass purchase of the physical album first but wait a couple of weeks for the mass DL? it would give time for the 2NE1 craze to die down a bit and more time for people to appreciate YS's song, so fans can coincide their DL with non/new-fans who DL later. don't mean to be pessimistic, just trying to be realistic and helpful. ^^;

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this together for the international fans! I however have a suggestion. As you will see from the Korean fansites, it is best to start downloading and streaming from day one, and not wait until the 16th. By then it might be too late. The goal is to get the highest rank possible as soon as the song is released (esp since there's some stiff competition this time as noted above) so that more nonfans will listen. So if you could get the word out that everyone should stream from soribada right away that would be great. Thanks!