Friday, May 06, 2011

[Vid] Hyun Joong & So Min in Japan News

Sorry can't give you much information about this news since I do not understand any of it and do not know which news this was reported. If anyone of you guys know please share. It will be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks to for uploading this video on her YT channel. Thanks as well to veggiedelight for always giving me tips.

I really think that Hyun Joong and So Min has good rapport and I could see that there's no awkwardness between them. Check mark 2:11. From the fan account that Lafone shared HERE you will probably know what I mean.

Translation of the conversation was shared by an Anonymous visitor on the comment box below. Your choice whether to read it before or after. It's so cute. Thanks Anon and to whoever did the translation.


Anonymous said...

I got this translation for the video from

i so wish i could see the whole event. thanks for the pics, news and link to sraki's vid. my translation of khj/jsm segments only ...

khj: i would say the highlight of playful kiss was definitely the rain kiss scene.
jsm: same with me, i remember the rain kiss scene the most out of the love scenes.
khj: not that i don't like insects, i am afraid of insects, and there were a lot of dragonflies and they were flying around me all the time so i had a lot of ng's trying to run away from them.
jsm: there was a scene where we fall asleep while studying. hyunjoong must've been really tired so he really fell asleep. i wasn't too sure so i tried to listen closely and since i was right next to him only i heard him snoring for real.
jsm: aren't you too much? khj: i'm sorry.
(or that's really too much in a playfully hurt tone. i wonder what he must've said to get a reaction like that out of jsm where she was hitting his arm and he was grabbing her hand and they were both so giggly.)
khj: i didn't mean myself but the roles of father, mom, brother and ohani, all fit the original story perfectly.
jsm: ...but as we were working...hyunjoong on the other hand is very different in real life. (big laugh) ...different, yet i think it's impressive that he portrayed the role so well.

liezle said...

Hi 12:02! Thank you sooooooooooo much for shoving here the translation. And to whoever did it thanks as well.