Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Vid] Playful Hyun Joong with Little Baek Seung Jo in PK Set

I have been wanting to post this video since I saw it but couldn't do so because of the problem that Blogger was having the entire day. Thank though that engineers of Blogger was able to solve the problem and normalize the operation.

Anyway, this is a video shown I believe in Japan. It's a video from the filming of Playful Kiss. In the video you would see Hyun Joong and littl[e Baek Seung Jo joking around while on the set of the drama. They were even joined by Jung So Min at the course of their being playful.

Thanks to citesidn for sharing this video on YT.


Anonymous said...

leader really do love kids! he will be a great dad someday! glad that they were having fun on the set!

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE~!!!! ^^