Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vids (I Believe - Audio & Handshake Session) PJM Fan Meeting & Fun Party in Bangkok

Much thanks to tetsu_girl for tweeting the links to these video.

First video is audio of Jung Min's rendition of I Believe by Tata Young during the FM in Bangkok. Loads of thanks to for recording the audio and uploading in YT. I wish Jung Min will sing a lot of English songs. I keep on remembering he said just a few weeks back that he'll be studying English soon. ^^

Nicely capture audio, right? I wish someone was able to capture this on on vid. I want to see doing this one on stage. He did another great job singing someone else's song.

Here's lyrics of the song. Thanks again to DevilDenise for putting this on her YT.

Lyrics: I Believe - Tata Young

I feel the heat around me
I feel the beat surrounds me
Could this be for real, I wonder
No need for hesitation
It's time for celebration
Will this be the night I've waited for

When angels fall in love
Heaven knows, does it show, oh
If this love, will last for eternity
Set me on fire

* I believe, I believe in love
And like the stars above
They shine, let it shine over me
Set me free I believe in you
And that our love is true
Oh I believe, I believe

I see that people dancing
Boys and girls romancing
They want this to last forever

Cause underneath the moonlight
Everything is alright
We're reaching our hands up in the air

To where the souls alive
Heaven knows, that it shows oh
If this love, will last for eternity
Set me on fire


How could I doubt, what was meant to be
Everything I needed was in front of me
Your healing touch, will lift me up in the sky, so high


Next video is from . In this fancam, omiko of KimHyungJunThailand was able to capture Jung Min giving each and every fan who greets him and shakes his hand wonderful moment to treasure.

Look at Jung Min looking straight in the eyes, talking to them, giving his sweetest and sincerest smile and hand shake.


Anonymous said...

here's your wish come true. someone DID capture it on video. it can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLTxabVva-c
enjoy the video~! cheers:)

liezle said...


Thank you so much. I really like how he sings the song. I wish he would sing more English songs.


pengfoo said...

I am begining to like Min alot. He has such a colorful personality and seems so friendly and talented. I wish him every success.

Alex said...

feeling really jealous with those fans lol
love his facial expression at 3:23 with the wig girl hahahahaha, sooooo PJM :))

Poshdrive said...

I really love how he pronounced "hesitation", "celebration" and "last"...

Oh my! He can bring almost any song to live, can't he?

And thanks for the vid, @1.09!