Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[Vids] Kim Hyung Jun Music High Live Webcast 05.10.11

I wasn't able to watch the live webcast of Music High that was on broadcast today at 2AM much thanks though to upload on YT I can now watch what I failed to see earlier.

Here are four parts of the live webcast.

Dark circles on Hyung Jun's eyes are so visible. This lad needs to sleep and take a few days rest.


Anonymous said...

He looks tired! I feel sorry for him

Anonymous said...

how often does HJB do live broadcasts? Can any one tell me?
I don't speak korean yet but I decided why not practice my listening skills by listening to a voice I like? I listen when I'm not in class since Korea is 12hours ahead of Brasil^^

liezle said...

hi 11:59.

he used to do live broadcast once or twice a week. but i think with the drama on going he doesn't do it anymore. he just records the show.


Anonymous said...

thanks liezle!