Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Young Saeng's Album Jacket

Much thanks once again to veggiedelight for alerting me about the jacket of Young Saeng's upcoming album which will be released on May 12.

According to what I read on Twitter, the mini album consists of audio CD and 28 pages of photos. Yay, I need to order pre-order.

Here are the tracks in the album :

1. OUT THE CLUB (ft.Tae wan)
2. LET IT GO (ft.현아) [liezle : w/ 4minute's Hyun A]
3. RAINY HEART (부제: 비가 내리던 그 어느날) (ft.김규종) [liezle : rap by Kim Kyu Jong]

Btw, there are quite a number of fan clubs in SG taking orders you may want to check with them. As for me I am still thinking of my options but I will surely get a copy.

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Anonymous said...

His charisma is over flooding so cool!