Friday, July 29, 2011

[New Pix] Hyung Jun Poses for Hanryu Pia

Hyung Jun has been zigzagging back and forth through Japan for the the past few days. He's been doing so due to the promotion he is doing for the just released single 'Long Night' which is currently doing good.

Today, the 29th of July at Osaka he had an autograph session. It was a successful one. Tomorrow the 30th, Hyung Jun's schedule will be in Tokyo and on the 31st, Nagoya. Such a packed sked.

Well, despite the busy schedule, Hyung Jun was still able to grant Hanryu Pia some time to pose for the magazine. Here are two photos which I lifted from Baidu.


Anonymous said...

Why is there no talk of promoting his music? Hmmm..just thinking out loud.
Anyway, since Baby is in Japan now, hope he and his Hyung will be able to cross paths.
SS501 fighting..

Anonymous said...

because medias don't want to hype him, they don't want him to be famous because he's the maknae of the group, as you know how Korea and TS fandom can be so discriminated about age and look! They hype the oldest members and put down the youngest members! for right now, he is the least popular member and is underrated so hopefully HJB can make name for his own, step by step, little by little, just like climbing the mountain, maybe in the future he will become the most popular and successful singer, I recall in Japanese show, a fortune teller read his palm and said, Hyung Jun will become legendary when he's old and his name will be written in history book, so I hope what the furtune teller said it's gonna be come true.

Anonymous said...

He is promoting his single in Japan and all the media he's doing there including this one are mentioning it. Articles about him in Korea are doing the same. Hyung Jun is my bias and I hope for amazing success for him but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean there is a conspiracy to keep him down. Sometimes these things just take time. Fans need to stop expecting instantaneous superstar success because that rarely happens. Most people have to work hard for a long time before they become recognized. Many of the "overnight successes" we know about today had years of struggle before they became known. Also this is a single that Hyung Jun released so the promotions are naturally going to be less than what is done for an album.

Sorry for the long post but I just feel that we all need to have more realistic expectations of Hyung Jun's road to success. Personally, I've always felt that Hyung Jun's true goal is to be recognized as a true artist than to just be popular. And we all know that gaining respect (especially for an idol) is a lot harder to achieve than to become popular.