Monday, July 25, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Name Young Saeng Official Fan Club Contest

Last week I posted HERE last English translation of B2M's notice the details of Kyu Jong's fan club naming contest. Today, B2M released another noticed this time for Young Saeng.

Here's translation of the notice courtesy of xiaochu posted on Quainte501. Thanks!


[Trans] Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Naming Contest

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


This is B2M Entertainment.

Here is the announcement for Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Naming Contest which you have been waiting for.
Before the day to take out your membership card proudly and calling yourself ‘I am Heo YoungSaeng’s fan!’!
Please give us a name which is suitable for Heo YoungSaeng and everyone.

** Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Naming Contest **

Participation Period : 2011.07.29 (Fri) ~ 08.07 (Sun)
Participation Method : Send email to
Selection Method : Will choose 3~5 names from the list of participants, Final name will be chosen by votes from fans.

- mailing method –

Please put the email title [Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Naming Contest] [허영생 공식팬클럽 이름 공모] and follow the below format of contents.
1. Name
2. Official homepage ID
3. Birthday (yyyy/mm/dd)
4. Contact number
5. Official Fan Club Name / Please also include its meaning, reasons, etc.

- Important notes –
1. 1 person can only submit once.
2. Emails that did not follow the above format will be excluded, hope that you can follow the correct format when sending the email. In addition, there is no option to show ‘recipient read’ in Gmail. We will check the email frequently without fail, we will not accept any enquiries asking for receipt notification. We hope for your understanding.
3. We will not entertain to emails for the naming contest other than the specified period, and those emails will be deleted.

Event. After the fan club name has been decided, a small gift will be given to the winner and everyone who has participated by random draw. (We will reveal the event gift later on.)

We hope that many of you can participate in Heo YoungSaeng Official Fan Club Naming Contest.

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