Friday, July 29, 2011

Pix of Jung Min from 'Love Song in August'

On Twitter, lismochannel tweeted scenes from Jung Min's first drama in Japan with Sakai Miki 'Love Song in August'. The drama will be shown on August 5 for four consecutive Fridays. Here are the photos tweeted by @lismochannle and re-tweeted by hirominnie43.

For the following pix, I am not sure if these are from any of the scenes in the drama too.

As the drama is about to be shown next week, Jung Min who is in Taiwan filming his first Taiwanese drama, left a message (sorry don't know where) greeting fans in Japan and writing something about the drama. Click HERE for the translation of Jung Min's message translated by hiromimmie43 on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

The 2nd pic, every fangirls' dream~
He looked so buff in the last photo..0.o

Anonymous said...

Love the pics !!!

LapinApple said...

Jungmin! the last pic... biceps!=D

ki_neth05 said...

hi liezle,
i don't know if you had seen this... Jungmin dancing on stage @ Halem Yu's concert in taipei. here's the link in you tube /watch?v=tZVnB--CWjM