Saturday, July 30, 2011

[FanCam] Jung Min @ Harlem Yu's Concert in Taipei

Last night Jung Min went to watch Harlem Yu's concert. He and Angie Chai were asked by Harlem to come up on stage to join him. Check this cute video of Jung Min together with Harlem (and Angie) dancing on stage to the delight of many fans.

Much thanks to for sharing this video on YT. Loads of thanks as well to p_jungmin43 for the tweet early this morning for the link.


Anonymous said...

That was SOOOOOOOOO cuuute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cutee !!! I love seeing jungmin dance !

Anonymous said...

Seeing him dance like this is so funny. He is so tall and his limbs are so long

Anonymous said...

mal is cute!!!!!!!!!!

dance with SS501!!