Monday, July 18, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng at ATI Basket(ball team) Gathering

I can now shove this video here posted earlier by czak_reina1 on the sidebar and tweeted to me by Sudal since I now have the information what this ATI Basket is all about.

As Sudal (@SaengFamVn_Su ) mentioned on Twitter, ATI Basket is a basketball team composed of actors. It seems that in May 17 the team had its first meeting and Young Saeng as well as Seo Ji Seok was in there.

If you remember Young Saeng mentioned in YOMZ chat that besides baseball he also likes basketball. Probably if not for his injury Young Saeng could be active in baseball and basketball.

Here's video of the the gathering lifted from YT channel.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Saengie playing basketball. He is very attractive and sexy when playing sport (very manly too - not that he's not but different charm and you know what I mean when you see him playing baseball)! Very happy to see him in the vid^^ Thanks Liezle for the posting.

Anonymous said...

So glad he's doing something that he loves. I was hoping that he would join Leader's soccer team but this will do. :)

Anonymous said...

actors? i can recognize only 4 actors....Seo ji seok, dream high guy (with eyeglasses), cute guy in a cap wearing dark shirt and the Midas bodyguard-driver-stalker

its interesting to note that most korean restaurants in korea, clients are "forced" to sit and squat on the floor unlike here in the US, there are tables and chairs