Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng Just Revealed One Secret of Hyun Joong

Finally the cut of Young Saeng in KBS Secret has finally been shown this afternoon. Here's the clip courtesy of YT channel.

From the tweet of Stephanie (@5StarsAs1) This is what Young Saeng revealed

Young Saeng revealed Hyun Joong's secret that during the first photoshoot of their debut, they have no idea how to pose. So the photographer suggested them to wrap or put their arms on each other shoulders. Hyun Joong, on the other hand, instead of putting his arms around the members' shoulders or arms, he put his left arms on his left shoulder (meaning: like a girl's pose)


Anonymous said...

lol leader's face was priceless..

Anonymous said...

LOL! I still remember that MPick epi where they went for the 1st photo-shoot! HJL looked so awkward, not knowing how to smile even! Heehee! His lips were shaking as he tried to smile and he even practised smiling using a hand-held mirror. Ah, what memory that was...and now look at him! He's a smiling prince and that mega-watt smile of his could melt his fans into puddles!!!

Anonymous said...

leader, i think you will be cute when you were doing the girl pose