Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo 07.26.11

Here is another set of photos of Hyung Jun from Prettyboy.

Hyung Jun is so busy. When he arrived yesterday from Taiwan he tweeted that he'll rush to the recording of Mnet Wide News. Who knows if he also recorded for MuHigh. Poor boy...then this morning, he zipped off to Japan for another event.

Here are the photos of Hyung Jun taken at Gimpo from the shutterbug of Prettyboy.


Anonymous said...

i totally miss SS501 a LOT!! i have to admit i cried a little..HJB really grew up a lot, all the boys too.. i felt sad seeing the pic with him holding the card with all the members pic on it.. gosh i miss them.. they must miss each other more than we fans do...i hope they'll receive more and more attention for their hard work until now.. SS501 hwaiting!!!!

Anonymous said...

what card is that?

sinthia said...

auuuun bebe seu lindo!! que vontade de te apertar!!! *-*

Anonymous said...