Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Article] U:ZOOSIN Merchandise A Hit

Heard the U:ZOOSIN is not only popular amongst women but males as well.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s cartoon avator ‘U:ZOOSIN’ draws in over a million in sales
Source & Image : Star Today via Nate
Courtesy of leesa86 / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong’s official animated character ‘(U:ZOOSIN)’ has reportedly sold 50,000 set units in Korea alone, boasting approximately $1,900,000 USD in sales.

The character was developed by his agency Key East. For the character, Kim Hyun Joong personally made notes and drew sketches and then uploaded them to places like his official website.

The (U:ZOOSIN) character was first introduced to the public back on June 7th at Kim Hyun Joong’s official showcase, and the merchandise are now being sold in 10 different countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Kim Hyun Joong’s agency reported, “The exact sales numbers have not yet been reported. We’re continuously receiving orders for the merchandise from within Korea and overseas.”

(U:ZOOSIN)’s merchandise includes photobooks, T-shirts, small accessories, posters, and key holders. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is busy promoting his follow-up track, “Kiss Kiss“.


Anonymous said...

Are these products available also in P.I? where to?.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hope Kim Hyun Joong got a good share of the profit. For idols, 95% of the revenue goes to the company.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Didn't think it would be this successful. I'm so happy for him. I sure hope he has rights to it too and not just KeyEast. I can see other idols attempting something like this in the very near future. LOL

Anonymous said...

i love them, i love that cartoon with the big big eyes. like leader's eye, so big