Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Pix] Jung Min with Taiwanese Actresses

I saw this photos on Baidu and from tweets I learned that the actresses with Jung Min here are Shara Lin (left) and Lia Lee (right). Thanks to PMJFC for the pix.

According to MarsCharisma's tweets the title of Jung Min's drama is "翻糖花園" which means 'Fondant Garden'. If that's really the title of the drama, I am assuming and the photos below is from one of the scenes, I think that we could tell that cakes, pastries, baking, cake shops would be just some of the elements in the drama.

Btw, I read too on Twitter that the drama already started secretly filming. Wonder what's the secrecy is all about. Anyway, really looking forward to this one. Before k-drama was really addicted to Taiwanese actors/actresses and their dramas.

I read on rainaftershine's blog that Lia Lee was once Korean exchange student. Hope she still knows hangul and will be able to help Jung Min in communicating.

P.S. I hope as the drama progresses Jung Min's stylist will change his hairstyle.


Anonymous said...

mmm .. I want some cake!
I can't wait for the drama

Alex said...

The drama's title is REALLY cheesy ==

I have a bad feeling.

Anonymous said...

Well you can't judge the title of the drama lol
We have to wait until it comes out

sinthia said...

I also hope he changes his hairstyle, I don't like it...
but about his drama, I'm really looking forward to this! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hopes everything goes well to him and the drama !!