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[Article] Jung Min Talks about Song Writing

Here is another interview of Jung Min before he left for Taiwan that was released yesterday by bntnews. If you haven't read the 1st interview, you may click HERE.

Much thanks to rainaftershine for sharing the translation on her blog.


[Interview] Park Jung Min ‘ I felt that imagination and reality have been separated, I wish to fall in love’
Source: bntnews
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Park Jung Min released his full composition solo album in January 2011, which left a deep impression on one with his music. In addition, he also wrote the lyrics for girl group Rainbow’s ‘Kiss’ which also arouse in a series of topic.

“I wrote the lyrics of Rainbow’s ‘Kiss’ when I was a trainee. 9 years ago, I wrote it according to the emotion of a girl’s vast thought. When I think of it now, I felt that it was very well written.”

From the start of involving in Loveholics’s Kang Hyun Min Japanese song, his musician status gradually began to stabilize. Especially when he performed his popular solo song ‘Only me?’ overseas, which there were even plans of bringing this song into Taiwan.

“‘Only Me?’ is a work which distressed is included. It was a composition work which illustrates the stars and skies like a poem. A day before the recording, I hummed the lyrics on the spur of the moment and thus, the song was being re-birth. ‘Is it just me who misses you this much?’ also represents a love story of a sunflower.”

Writing his own experience into lyrics, his popular song ‘Only me?’ tells a story of heartbroken and unwillingness. Although it does not match Park Jung Min’s usual image, he expressed that he will be fully immersed in it when writing a beautiful lyrics.

“So far, the ability of composing lyrics seems good. But, this requires a lot of experience, because it is very limited if you simply write it based on your imagination. I also wish to compose lyrics in Japanese, but because there is a need of having more emotional lyrics in a ballad, it seems like I have to learn more Japanese vocabulary.”

Although he needs to reveal his true feelings the most, for him who cannot live without both imagination and reality, he still have the desire of falling in love.

“I like interesting people. I mean, when I am laughing, I hope someone can laugh with me. Among people who I have met, there isn’t any interesting person like this. However, I have many friends around me whom are like this (interesting).”

Although sometimes there will be thoughts on developing into a romantic relationship with friends, this is only an imagination. In reality, apart from working hard to stabilise and improve his image, there’s nothing else. Because he just started to go solo, he needs to spread his wings to fly higher than others.

“It’s been a year or so. I am already experienced in solo activities. Truthfully, when I was having group activities, there are times I feel lazy. Now this is an important time to develop everything. Especially after the solo activities, the stage is all to myself, I have to bring in more energy.”

It has begun now. For Jung Min who is exceeding beyond the realm of music and acting, this is an opportunity to prove his own extraordinary potential and ability.

At the same time, Park Jung Min will be going abroad to Taiwan to film his Taiwanese drama at the end of July, and a total of 4 episodes of mobile drama ‘Love Song in August’ will be aired on every Friday from 5th August.

The day is just around the corner before Jung Min gains the attention from his fans around the world with his increasingly charisma and hard work on the stunning stage.


Here's another new photo of Jung Min and Sakai Miki from the drama 'Love Song In August'.


Anonymous said...

aww hopefully he will meet the right person and fall in love !

sinthia said...

oh! I thought it had been baby whom wrote only me. I don't remember where I read it, but I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere HJB wrote it and gave to JM sing it... õ.O
Maybe they did it together?
aaah whatever... I love that song anyway... ^^